Indicators of Research-Practice Partnership Health and Effectiveness: Updating the Five Dimensions Framework

Erin Henrick, Caitlin C. Farrell, Corinne Singleton, Alison Fox Resnick, William R. Penuel, Paula Arce-Trigatti, Danny Schmidt, Stacey Sexton, Kristina Stamatis, Sarah Wellberg
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The field has begun to develop a shared understanding of the broad goals that RPPs share. The RPP Effectiveness Framework developed by Henrick and colleagues in 2017 was a critical starting point, reflecting the perspectives of a wide range of partnerships and RPP leaders of the time. In 2019, a new group came together for a project focused on designing, developing, and testing tools to understand and support RPP effectiveness aligned with the 2017 framework. Through engaging in this work, it became clear that as the field develops and grows over time, so too must our ideas about what is important to attend to when considering RPP effectiveness. As a result, the team not only identified tools to support RPPs’ effectiveness goals but also engaged in an iterative process to revisit the 2017 framework itself.