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What do strong RPP proposals look like?

The examples of funding opportunities featured on this page each delineate a set of selection criteria for supporting research-practice partnership grants. These criteria share several common attributes, and request that applicants’ plans for partnership offer evidence that:

  • The partners are invested in the partnership and are fully committed to engaging in this work
  • The partnership will be long-term and the partners have a plan for the sustainability of the partnership beyond the period of the grant and beyond the involvement of particular individuals
  • The participants on both sides of the partnership have the appropriate credentials and competencies to undertake the work proposed
  • The partners can work together effectively and will actively work to build a deep, trusting relationship over the course of the grant period
  • The partners offer a clear research agenda
  • The research produced will advance existing knowledge
  • The practice organization has a plan for using the research produced
  • The host organization for the grant has sufficient capacity to manage the grant
  • The budget allows for sufficient resources to carry out the work proposed

For ideas of other potential indicators that can be used to evaluate proposals for RPPs, see: Framework for Assessing Research-Practice Partnerships.

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