How do new RPPs acquire the funding to start their work?

Funding can come from the research or agency partner side, and the paths to a secure funding portfolio are varied. Sometimes a university provides the start-up funds for office space and salary. In other instances, a foundation provides start-up support that allows lead time for the partnership to get up and running. Some partnerships are eligible for state or federal funds, particularly if their efforts are tied to professional training and development initiatives or if they can make the case that their research applies directly to outcomes.

Several maturing partnerships suggest that new RPPs first make their case to local funders, especially those that are inclined to invest in a project that directly addresses their local priorities. If local foundations are scarce or are focused in other areas, it is possible to appeal to corporate funders interested in place-based impact or to national foundations with an interest in research-practice partnerships.

In general, new partnerships should look to mature RPPs whose funding histories and sources of support may prove instructive.

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