The research agenda is a focal point for activities within a research–practice partnership. It is the substance around which districts and researchers come together. But developing a joint research agenda isn’t easy. In RPPs, research agendas are shaped around problems of practice, policy, and implementation, and are co-shaped by partners to fit district priorities.

Because research agendas should inform policy and practice, they require more than just the adoption of a robust line of research. The research agenda embodies an alignment and coordination of people, teams, and organizations to bring research to life and to root it in the practical realities of districts and the goals of researchers.

Guiding Tips and Questions

“Setting a joint agenda is a very collaborative process. We have long term goals that don’t change, but we build activities and projects within that broad framework that are based on the current needs of our stakeholders.”

Hella Bel Hadj Amor Practice Expert, Education Northwest



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